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Tafo Iodized salt® is packed in 750 grams, it’s mothers first choice to cook a meal for the family. It works best for all your cooking baking needs and as a seasoning to your daily meals and with its dry, free flowing character; it is the essential item your dining table needs to have.

The uniformly shaped crystals, in a moisture proof bottle make Tafo table salt the best choice for baking, where precise measurements are critical.


Tafo Iodized Salt contains

Nutritional Fact (per 100gm)       
Sodium Chloride 97%              
Other water soluble      
Minerals max      
Lead Pb ppm 2
Iron Fe ppm 10
Iodine I ppm 60-80
Copper Cu ppm 2
Arsenic As ppm 0.5


Ingredients: Salt, Potassium iodate & tricalcium phosphate

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