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  • Wisdom exchange TV with host Suzanne F Stevens presents: Hilina Belete
  • On 11 July 2017, Mr. Frederic Bontems, Ambassador of France, visited Hilina Foods & its sister company Bless Agree Food Laboratory Services. During the visit accompanied by delegates form Hilina Foods & Nutrisets, the Ambassador was able to witness the improved production capacity, the efforts taken to meet the demands, and exceptional neatness and quality assurance of the factory as well as the laboratory.

    The Ambassador was also briefed by Mrs. Hilina Belete, Operation Manager of Hilina Foods on the history, products lines, factory’s contribution towards the economic scale of the country and technical standards as well as visions of the factory which employs about 206 persons and exports 30% of its productions to neighboring country specifically Somalia which has been hit by a severe drought that has affected more than 6.2 million people who are currently facing food insecurity and lack of clean water.

    ‘Hilina is the sturdiest company so far as they continues to supply the nutrition products to those who are in need & still continues contributing in saving lives even if they are facing a big challenge towards the supply chain” said the Operation Manager of Nutriset, Mrs. Adeline Lescanne in the discussion had with the Ambassador. Logistics challenges such as poor infrastructure, regulation, bureaucracy and taxes, shortage of local raw materials on sugar, groundnut, soya oil & so forth are the main glitches raised as constraints not to meet the factory production capacity.

    During the half & hour stay of the Ambassador in the factory, he mentioned that he is impressed with the exertions the companies & partners are taking to fight malnutrition & save lives of children’s and those who are in need.

  • Mr. Belete Beyene is the General Manager of Hilina Enriched Foods, the PlumpyField® partner in Ethiopia. In this interview recorded in October 2009, he explains how his company contributes to fight malnutrition in Ethiopia, with support from Nutriset.

    Watch the video on: Youtube

  • Hilina Belete, Deputy General Manager of Hilina Enriched Foods PLC, interviewed with wisdom exchange TV for being successful young lady managing big company like Hilina and for being a role model for all other young lady's! Wisdom exchange TV with host Suzanne F Stevens presents: Hilina Belete / Hilina Enriched Foods,  (Words of wisdom: “Be intentional; take initiative to succeed and follow YOUR dream. Don't wait for it to happen to you; just keep trying to make it happen.”)

    Watch the interview on: Youtube

  • Footage for Broadcast on Hilina Enriched Foods PLC - PlumpyField® member in Ethiopia.

    RUTF manufacturer - Plumpy’Nut® and Plumpy’Sup™ producer.

    Watch the video on: Youtube

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