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Historical Background

Hilina Enriched Foods PLC is the leading food manufacturing company based in Ethiopia. The company was established in 1998 by an Ethiopian Entrepreneur. In 2006, ONYX.S.A.S (Group Nutriset) of France was included as a joint ownership based on sale of shares. The Company produces high quality nutritional and fortified foods for both institutional and commercial market in Ethiopia and East Africa region. The company’s product portfolio mainly comprises Plumpy‘nut (RUTF), Plumpy’ sup (RUSF), Sheba Peanut Butter, Sheba Peanut Splits and Tafo Iodized Salt. Hilina Enriched Foods PLC has a significant production capacity in the country with a high demand for nutritional solutions. With 253 employees (2014) and through its network of local suppliers, Hilina plays an important role in the local economy and towards the country’s food security.


To be the brand of choice in local, regional and gal markets by producing and supplying high quality nutritional and healthcare food products for both institutional and commercial customers.


Contributing to growth of the food processing industry of Ethiopia and East Africa by effectively producing high quality nutritional and healthcare food products to our customers whilst creating opportunities for our employees and generating sustainable economic value for the company


Values we stand for and so important for us are;

Our Role

  • Nourishing Children and preventing malnutrition & micro-nutrient deficiency
  • Creating a market for the farmer by continuously developing products from locally available grains
  • Create employment for the youth by expanding our business and creating business links
  • Create University – Industry Linkage and develop a practical well developed graduates
  • Contribute to the economy of the country by generating foreign currency and pay all our taxes in full & due time

Customer Focus

  • Delivering customer satisfaction by exceeding their expectations
  • Assuring our products add value for our customers
  • Enabling our customers to achieve their goals through our innovative solutions.


  • Delivering quality in all our work; providing excellent customer service
  • Employing advanced production technology and good processing practice
  • Continuous improvement for the better in all our business processes

Competence & Team Spirit

  • Team spirited and family styled organizational culture
  •  Employing a team of talented and competent staff
  • Establishing and maintaining developmental career structure
  • Investing in training and creating good career opportunities
  • Recognizing and encouraging outstanding performance


  • Our sense of responsibility and determination to maintain our ethical business behavior
  • Behaving ethically in all our business and financial activities
  • Demonstrating respect towards our customers and our staff.
  • Environmental responsible business and operational activities
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